Monday, May 5, 2014


Weller went off to formal training.
When Weller was recalled, I was surprised that I didn’t cry as I had for the last 4 puppies I had raised. I mentioned to a friend that, maybe I’m getting hard-hearted, and she replied, “No, you’re changing your priorities,”

This was such important encouragement for me. Puppy raising is something that I truly enjoy learning about and putting my time into and I do it because I know, it’s life changing. When a dog first goes to formal training you realize just how apart of your life they are and how used to them you become. Occasionally I’ll open the door for Weller to come out, only to remember that he’s gone.

Something I’ve been trying to learn is that he’s not just gone. He hasn’t disappeared into thin air. He’s training, and he’s learning how to do his job and as Weller learned up in Oregon, I learned down in California just how amazing Guide Dog’s is.

Weller is now in phase 7 of 8 in his training and I am so proud of him and I pray that he will be able to bless someone as a guide.

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